icoone®: Expect the Unexpected


icoone® is the definitive and innovative solution for a “natural” and gentle body treatment that gives amazing results, thanks to its painless and non-invasive technology.

 In fact, since it stimulates the connective tissue, icoone® is able to deliver three simultaneous actions:

  • draining: icoone® allows the drainage of excess liquids and metabolic waste.

  • remodelling: enhancing lipolysis, icoone® allows a targeted action on localized fat deposits and cellulite;

  • toning: the stimulation of fibroblasts enhances the production of collagen and elastin that are responsible for skin tone and texture.

The completely customizable settings of the heads allow to deliver a treatment that is tailored to the patient so that it perfectly works on specific problems and according to their preferences. The action will then be very efficient and extremely pleasurable.