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Bermann Biotech Ltd

We Commit to Offer a Visionary, Professional, and Comprehensive Experience 

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Hong Kong


Our fundamental goal is to connect the most cutting edge technologies and provide the best service to all aesthetic professionals.  We are a developer and distributor of high-end skincare and aesthetic devices.  Our team, with different expertise, strive to continue to grow individually, technically, and subconsciously to meet the dynamic pace of the changing world.

We value our partnership with all our clients.  Our company is built upon the belief that trust in the relationship with our clients enables us to be on top of the game and provide the most suitable and reliable solutions at all time.



We believe that nature itself has the most powerful self-restoring ability.  Our body and skin suppose to heal itself when damaged.  However, as we age, we lose this natural capability.  Thus, we endorse technologies and products that feature self restoring, non-invasive, and nature oriented functions.


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